Why should clients use a VirtualFirm firm?

  • If you chose a VirtualFirm law firm you can be sure that they have embraced the latest technology to provide you with the best and most efficient service available
  • Our risk managed processes ensure that you receive the best quality conveyancing possible
  • You can receive 24x7 web updates via your own home page so you don’t have to continually call in to check progress
  • Real time notes helps your lawyer keep up to date with the conveyancing progress
  • Document tracking ensures that you don’t miss important documents and deadlines
  • On-line documents are available via your home page to save you time and speed up the process

The VirtualFirm for law firms

  • Provides a technology framework so that you can partner with like minded firms to build local panels that deliver the best service using the best technology
  • Provide web based case tracking to your local agents so they are kept up to date
  • Be part of a community of firms that transacts thousands of instructions per month and benefit from the economies of scale that this can bring
  • Deliver 24x7 web tracking to your clients and improve information flow
  • Advertise other services to your clients home page

The VirtualFirm for estate agents

  • Partner with local firms who are serious about providing good customer services and have invested in the latest web tracking and case management technology
  • Use the free lead transmission and tracking web site
  • Keep up to date with your clients conveyancing using the web based milestone tracking
  • Order HIPs through our web based service