OchreSoft Technologies Ltd Privacy Statement

OchreSoft Technologies Ltd. has a strong commitment to data privacy and security, particularly as it relates to subscribers to our reporting web site, or "portal".


OchreSoft Technologies Ltd does not sell, rent, or exchange any personal information collected or gathered online about our site "subscribers". Our portal may generate e-mail, but only to those subscribers and end-user "clients" that have explicitly "opted in" to receive e-mail information. We do not share the email addresses of such opt-in email subscribers with other organizations or individuals.

The portal may use "cookies" to store information for the convenience of our suscribers. Cookies are files stored on your computer to enhance web site usability, specifically here for the purpose of maintaining session state when accessing reporting securely. Cookies can help a web site track if you have visited the site before, and can pass limited information from the site back to itself the next time you visit. Your web browser can be configured to refuse cookies, or to notify you when a Web site attempts to send you a cookie. Note that if you configure your browser to refuse cookies then reporting functions will not be available.

The OchreSoft Technologies Ltd. reporting portal does not track individual subscriber or client visits, but it may examine aggregate subscriber data in order to facilitate a better online experience and to improve the quality and organisation of site content.

Subscriber's own sites may control specific information published to this site, based on local security policy associated with the OchreSoft Technologies Ltd remote reporting "agents". This information is published automatically and processed for billing and reporting purposes, and may optionally include end-user "client" data, where those users have themselves "opted-in". Such information may be exchanged with "providers" and "estate agents" that have a related interest (typically as a referrer, or through direct involvement). Personal client information may include, but is not limited to: Name, Address, and Telephone Numbers.


OchreSoft Technologies Ltd. takes the confidentiality of your information very seriously. For this reason, we use the latest standards based secure communications technology to assure confidentiality and protect the information and systems that we maintain. To guard against unauthorised access, login "credentials" are required to visit the portal, and each user is assigned a "role" that determines the scope of the data they may access. To guard against eavesdropping, your information is securely encrypted before it is passed to the reporting portal for processing. At no time is this information made available to anyone else.

Both subscriber, and client user-name and passwords are generated on this portal automatically, to facilitate secure and appropriate access to reporting data. These credentials are only made visible to sufficiently authorised subscribers, and OchreSoft Technologies Ltd system administration staff.


OchreSoft Technologies Ltd. Web sites may contain links to, or data from, other Web sites. When linking to another site, this OchreSoft Technologies Ltd. Privacy Notice no longer applies. OchreSoft Technologies Ltd. does not endorse any products or services linked from, or supplied to, this site. In addition, some external entities may have specific policies specific that augment or supersede this policy.

While the OchreSoft Technologies Ltd. Web sites are intended to provide current and accurate information, neither OchreSoft Technologies Ltd. nor any of its employees can warranty the information contained on the site and shall not be held liable for any losses caused on the reliance of information provided. Relying on information contained on these sites is done at one's own risk.

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